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The Tula’s International School way of learning revolves around the child. The child’s participation, experience, voice and opinion are what matters to us the most. Our mission as parents and mentors is to enable our children realize their potential and make their dreams come true.

With the objective of imparting education where learning will have no boundaries, a group of philanthropic minded people founded Rishabh Educational Trust in the year 2004.

To fulfill the objectives of the trust, a Technical and Management college was started in the year 2006 in Dehradun with the name TULA’S INSTITUTE, which today is a leading education Institute across Uttarakhand. Further, with a vision of transforming a young mind into a skilled mastermind and to provide an ambience where education is balanced and rewarding, the trust has come up with a state-of-the-art residential school in Dehradun, where Innovation is a way of life; a boarding school in Dehradun where individual development is paramount; a school where learning knows no boundaries; a place where students enjoy best co-educational & best residential school studies.


  • To become the top co-ed boarding school in India
  • Developing a sense of discipline
  • Creating highly Effective Minds
  • Respect for people
  • Strong ethics



Located at Dehradun, North India, the campus is situated in extensive grounds providing a healthy environment where fresh air and open space abound. Designed by international architects and consultants, our campus is a tribute to Indian architecture but with a modern touch.  The inside is as impressive as the architecture outside and provides a bright and airy atmosphere conducive to learning which makes TIS one of the best international schools in Dehradun.

Parent’s Testimonials

The small class size, extensive arts program, safe environment, and supportive staff (Administrative and Teachers) made Tula’s International a favorite school of ours. Big five to the administrative staff who helped us all the time and made this year a memorable one. So far best year in our daughter’s educational life. Tula’s indeed a oasis of heartfelt education.
Beant & Manpreet Sandhu

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The Modern Gurukul

The ancient indian gurukul system is a time tested, organised and secular education system. We owe many scholars, the decimal system, roots of astronomy and much more to this system.

The guru as per the gurukul system is more than a teacher. The guru is an awakener, who treats the student as one’s own and imparts knowledge impartially. The students live in close proximity of the teacher, where in the guru gets the opportunity to look after mental, spiritual and physical wellness of the student.

The beauty and simplicity of the gurukul system is knit together by an intricate science. And hence, at tula’s, we chose to equip the gurukul system with the modern methods and infrastructure to create the modern gurukul.

There would be personal focus into the well-being and development of each student. Attention paid to every detail from a strictly vegetarian diet to addressing individual needs.

For no student would ever be left alone, and that’s how we achieve Collective Excellence.

Children at this CBSE School in Dehradun, are trained to achieve:

  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Right attitude
  • Empathy
  • Strong moral values

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